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Do you like taking photos of your new jewelry, or maybe even just some of the nice pieces that you see in storefronts? When you’re snapping these photos you may have some that you think turned out particularly well, but later on when you scrutinize them you may realize that the lighting may have been off, or the photo turned out blurry, or something else happened that affected the photo.

Rather than simply discarding the photo completely, why not salvage it by editing it and correcting what went wrong? Not only will being able to edit your jewelry photos help you to fix many of the common problems that can arise, but it will also help you to improve your photos in a host of other ways too.

While you may feel that editing jewelry photos is difficult, if you use the Movavi Photo Editor it’s actually quite the opposite. Because the Movavi Photo Editor is so intuitive and user-friendly, you’ll be able to improve your photo in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Enhancing the quality of the image by manually adjusting the contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature and other color settings, or automatically with the ‘Magic Enhance’ feature.
  • Transform the orientation and frame of the image by cropping, rotating, leveling, resizing and flipping it.
  • Alter the composition of the photo by removing objects or even replacing the background completely.
  • Insert customizable text to create captions, watermarks, or titles.
  • Change the visual style and appearance with filters such as lomo, sepia, oil painting, acid, and so on.

Of course it is up to you to decide exactly what sort of edits would suit your jewelry photos best. For example, should you want to learn how to fix a blurry picture then you might want to try to adjust its sharpness slider. Alternatively if you’re looking to highlight a particular piece of jewelry and make it look more prominent then you may want to crop the photo and switch the background so that the jewelry stands out.

Once you start to use the Movavi Photo Editor you’ll realize that there are a ton of options available to you, and each of them is just as easy to use as the next. By experimenting and trying new things, you’ll be able to improve and fix any of your jewelry photos quite quickly.

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